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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Suet Pellets


These beak sized pellets are the perfect treat for many of your garden birds, their high energy content makes them the ultimate temptation which many birds can't ignore, especially robins, tits and blackbirds. Coming in a handy beak sized pellet allows your birds to carry them away back into the safety of nearby shrubbery ensuring your birds can feed safely in confidence. Our Suet Pellets come in either Insect flavour, which has added mealworm flour and crushed insects, or Berry flavour, which includes real berries. These treats are a great addition during the winter and spring months in particular when birds are searching for that extra energy boost to help them through this hard period of time.

Suet Pellets can be fed upon a bird table or scattered on the ground solely as a special treat or can be mixed in with other seeds to create a supreme mix that will entice a huge range of birds to your feeders. They can also be fed from a peanut feeder but use sparingly, only enough for the day.

Suitable For Feeding: Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Starlings, Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes

Key Ingredients: Mealworm Flour, Insects, Berries

Available in: 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 12.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent service

The pellets are very popular with the starlings and sparrows. Good value and high quality product

Unpopular with our garden birds

Alas not even the starlings would eat these...

Suet pellets - best value!

These suet pellets are very, very popular! We've been using them for about 10 years and I wince when I see the prices in garden centres. These are the best value I have come across, but not at the expense of quality, thank goodness.