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About Us

Hello and welcome to our website, Garden Bird Feeders.

As our name suggests; we are all about supporting your visiting garden bird community with the best quality foods available. We offer this facility so you can help sustain your wild bird population with supplementary, highly nutritional, energy-boosting bird foods that are perfect for those occasions when natural occurring food is scarce (winter), or when external pressures require additional energy requirements (breeding season).

Offering a food source in your garden environment can be a hugely rewarding experience as you attract a wide variety of feeding garden birds, safe in the knowledge that you are giving them a helping hand at critical periods of the changing seasons.

Garden Bird Feeders evolved in May, 2019 as an evolutionary extension of our first business, Gala Wildlife, based in the market town of Nantwich  – offering our own personal delivery service to the local community. We have been selling bird foods and wildlife-related products since 2009 and have built-up a good loyal customer base within that time. Our policy has always been to offer the best customer service possible together with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

All our products are fully tested by ourselves prior to offering them here on this website, so you can be sure they are fit for purpose. We won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use personally.

We offer a selection of bird foods that will help encourage a wide range of wild birds into your garden – bird seed mixes, straight foods, mealwormsfat balls and suet treats. You can purchase some of the very best available bird feeders and feeder accessories from manufacturers who are experts in their field. We also supply a range of wildlife foods suitable for hedgehogs and waterfowl (who doesn’t enjoy feeding a visiting hedgehog in your garden or nipping to the local park with the children to feed the ducks on a Sunday afternoon).

Here at Garden Bird Feeders, we believe few things bring as much satisfaction and enjoyment as feeding your feathered friends – it brings colour and activity to the smallest of gardens or backyards.

We hope we can inspire you to support your local wildlife community...and we’ll support you in the process, happy in the knowledge that you are getting as much enjoyment from doing so, as we do.

Thank you.