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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

National Trust Collection

CJ Wildlife and the National Trust have collaborated together to create a range of excellent quality wildlife products to give wildlife a helping hand all over the UK. With the collaboration of these organisations, there is only one goal, to help wildlife and the habitat they live in thrive.

The creation of these products will benefit wildlife in two major ways. Firstly with the production of high-quality products fit for the purpose of providing for wildlife in a safe and beneficial way for the wildlife it is to serve. Secondly with the income generated by the sale of these products creates a healthy contribution to the National Trust so they can continue and expand on the excellent work they achieve each year. 

By purchasing any one of these products you are helping to support CJ Wildlife in contributing a minimum of £775,000 during the course of an initial 5-year collaboration, starting with a minimum contribution of £75,000 in their first year to a whopping £240,000 by the final year. This financial contribution will help fund woodland projects set by the National Trust and help in their aim to plant 20 million trees by 2030, supporting birds and wildlife to safely live and breed.

The National Trust is a wonderful organisation which helps wildlife and nature as a whole. We're extremely delighted by CJ Wildlife's commitment to this trust and proud to be part of it by supplying these wonderful products to our customers. 

  • Seed Feeders Clallenger Plastic Seed Feeders
    from £6.79

    Challenger Plastic Seed Feeders

    These beautiful premium rated plastic seed feeders are a wonderful addition to any garden which takes feeding birds seriously. Solid plastics and U...

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    from £6.79
  • from £11.49

    Defender Metal Seed Feeders

    Why not invest in a feeder that is built to last. Our Defender feeders are made up of metal alloy components making them particularly tough and imp...

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    from £11.49
  • Peanut Feeders Challenger Plastic Peanut Feeder
    from £3.99

    Challenger Plastic Peanut Feeder

    The Challenger plastic peanut feeders are extraordinary value for such a quality feeder. With a solid plastic base, a plastic top that securely shu...

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    from £3.99
  • £10.49

    Defender Metal Peanut Feeders

    Metal feeders are placed at the top of the list if you're looking for a feeder that will withstand all weathers, endure troublesome squirrels and e...

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  • £3.99

    Fat Ball Feeder

    This convenient, easy to use fat ball feeder is the perfect way to offer fat balls safely. Many fat balls come in nets which can be extremely hazar...

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  • £2.99

    Fat & Suet Block Feeder

    Fat and suet blocks have always been a favourite for many garden birds, often encouraging great flocks of birds to feed on them. With its simple de...

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