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Terms & Conditions

Cancelling or returning items

You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days from the day you received the goods. If you wish to cancel your order then please contact us via email where we will contact you back informing you all of the the necessary steps to complete a successful return and refund. You must clearly state your decision to cancel the contract within this 14 day period for us to carry out a refund. 

You will be responsible for returning the goods to us at your own expense.

Items must be returned unopened and in their original state unless we have stated otherwise in our return email. Be sure to provide necessary packaging to the product to prevent any damages on return to us. If any damages are incurred either by yourself or delivery back to us then we will deduct the value of damages from your reimbursement. 

A refund will be processed as soon as the item has been successful returned back to us in its original condition.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund shipping charges unless the order is cancelled before the items have been fulfilled. 


Damaged, incorrect or non delivered items

Be assured we take every precaution to delivery your goods correctly and in perfect condition, but accidents do occur. In such cases we will work as quickly as possibly to resolve the issue and have you receive the items you were indented without further delay.

Damaged items on delivery

If you receive your order in a damaged state then please email us as soon as you receive it so that we can work with you in organising a return of the faulty item and have a replacement sent out to you as soon as possible. We may ask for photographic evidence of the damaged product to conduct who exactly is at fault and the best way for us to move forward and resolve the issue. 

Incorrect items delivered

Although extremely infrequent, incorrect items may be received. If you receive an order that you think isn't correct then please firstly check your order confirmation email. If an item is incorrect or missing then please email us as soon as possible so that we can contact you back to organise a return of the incorrect item and send you the correct item in replacement. There will be no extra expense to you if an order has been sent incorrectly.

Non delivered items

If you have not received your order by its scheduled delivery date then please allow an extra couple of days before contacting us. Most often in these situations the courier service will be dealing with an unexpectedly large amount of deliveries which causes some deliveries to be delayed. Although we do everything in our power to ensure that deliveries are delivered on time, these events do unfortunately occur on occasions and so your patients is extremely appreciated. If after a couple of days from the scheduled delivery date your order has still not been received, then please email us where we will contact the courier to discover the exact location of your order.  

If you have received a confirmation email of your order being successfully delivered, yet you have not received your order or have any knowledge of where it may have been left for collection then please email us straight away. We will contact the courier services to provide a location for your missing order and have your order retrieved back to you as soon as possible.


Product Availability

All products are subject to availability.

If an item is out of stock it will be clearly stated on the product page and unable to be purchased. 

In the unlikely circumstance that you have placed an order and the product is indeed out of stock without our prior knowledge then we will immediately contact you. We will advice you on an estimated date for when the product will be back in stock. We will then give you the option to either wait for the product to be back in stock and immediately send the item out to you at no postage cost, or offer a refund for the product. (The estimated date of restock is only an estimate and is subject to change at anytime). 


Discount Codes

Discount codes are to be redeemed in the checkout process.

No discount codes are to be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Each discount code can only be used once unless stated otherwise.  


Review Discounts

Review at least one product that you have previously purchased to receive a unique 5% discount code that can be redeemed on any future purchases.

Review discounts are subject to these terms:

  • A maximum of one 5% discount code will be received between orders no matter the amount of reviews placed. Codes are non-stackable.    
  • Review discounts can work in conjunction to other promotional offers. But can not be used in conjunction with any other discount codes.
  • Writing a new review on any product before using a previous review discount code will result in the previous discount code becoming void and a new discount code being received. 
  • The review must be on a product not yet previously reviewed by yourself to receive the review discount code. Duplication of reviews on the same product will result in a discount code not being sent. 
  • Review discount codes will expire 1 year after the date you received your discount code.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders.