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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Fat & Suet Feeders

Fat and suets are a wonderful way of attracting even more variety and quantity of birds into your garden when fed alongside seed and peanut feeders. By far the best way of feeding fat and suet foods to your smaller garden birds is by placing them in dedicated fat and suet feeders to limit the amount of larger birds indulging it all first. Therefore here at Garden Bird Feeders we offer a range of fat and suet feeders using only metal components giving you high quality, long lasting feeders at a extremely affordable prices.

Just like regular feeders we advice placing your fat and suet feeders close to nearby bush or tree foliage so your garden birds can quickly return to cover if any potential predators are spotted.  

  • £3.99

    Fat Ball Feeder

    This convenient, easy to use fat ball feeder is the perfect way to offer fat balls safely. Many fat balls come in nets which can be extremely hazar...

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  • £2.99

    Fat & Suet Block Feeder

    Fat and suet blocks have always been a favourite for many garden birds, often encouraging great flocks of birds to feed on them. With its simple de...

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