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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Ring Pull Easy Clean Seed Feeders


Cleaning bird feeders is an important but fiddly and time-consuming task, with their tiny screws and complex structures, it is a chore that no one enjoys. But with the Ring Pull Easy Clean range cleaning feeders is a nightmare to be forgotten. With their simple twist release base and ring pull feature, the whole feeder disassembles within seconds. Simply twist the base of the feeder and pull to remove the base, then pull the ring-pin inside the feeder to dismantle the ports of the feeder. Once all parts are thoroughly cleaned simply reverse the steps to assemble the pieces together again. No tools. No stress and beautifully clean feeders that your birds can enjoy safely. 

Stainless steel hanger, strong polycarbonate components and UV stabilised tubes create a durable feeder that will last through all weather conditions, giving you many years of service. A threaded pole mount underneath the feeder allows the addition of a feeder tray or pole to this feeder.

Available in two sizes

  • 2 Feeding Ports
  • 4 Feeding Ports 


Material: Plastic with stainless steel hanger
Colour: Green
Tube Height: 18cm (2 ports)
36cm (4 ports)
Capacity (approximately): 300g (2 ports)
600g (4 ports)
Squirrel Proof: No
Threaded Bottom: Yes
Disassemble: Yes (Incredibly easily. No tools required)


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.