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Birch Log Nest Boxes

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Made from a Silver Birch tree trunk, these beautifully natural looking nest boxes blend in nicely with any garden which is full of trees or shrubbery. Not only do they suit their surroundings but are also an inviting home for any house browsing bird as they very much resemble natural nesting holes that they would find in the wild. 

Thick walls of this Silver Birch tree trunk produce a nest box that insulates its chicks from the sometimes harsh spring nights helping retain the warmth within the nest box. This also protects the chicks from any direct hot sunlight that can cause some lower quality nest boxes to overheat. 

A thick well-fixed batten at the back running the whole height of the nest box provides a sturdy fixture for the nest box to be screwed to either a tree or a fence. Includes various screws and fixtures. 

For cleaning, simply unscrew one of the roof's screws then swivel the roof round to gain access into the interior of the nest box. 

Available in both 32mm hole and open front version.

A National Trust Product

CJ Wildlife and the National Trust have collaborated together to create a range of excellent quality wildlife products to give wildlife a helping hand all over the UK. By purchasing this product you are helping to support CJ Wildlife in contributing a minimum of £775,000 during the course of an initial 5-year collaboration. The National Trust is a wonderful organisation which helps wildlife and nature as a whole. We're extremely delighted by CJ Wildlife's commitment to this trust and proud to be part of it by supplying these wonderful products to our customers. 

Nest Box Information

The location of a nest box is extremely important. Nest boxes should be sited facing between north and east, ensuring that it is away from any direct sunlight during the peak temperatures of the day and sheltered from any adverse weather conditions. Placing them on a tree trunk is the perfect location as the tree offers a lot of protection from the weather and produces shade for the nest box. A holed nest box should be set up above 1m from the ground and have a clear flight path to the hole. Whilst an open nest box is best placed 1.5m to 3m from the ground with plenty of foliage (ivy is perfect) surrounding it to help protect it from being discovered by predators such as large birds, squirrels or cats. 

Cleaning nest boxes is also important and should preferably be carried out between 1st September and 31st January. Ensure you place your nest box somewhere where it can be retrieved at the end of the breeding season. When cleaning, simply remove any old nesting material then inspect your nest box to make sure it is still in fine working condition for the upcoming year. Lastly but most importantly, pour boiling water throughout the interior of the nest box to kill any infestation or lurking parasites, then leave to fully dry out before placing back up.

 32mm Hole Nest Box Open Front Nest Box
  • Blue Tits
  • Great Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Willow Tits
  • House Sparrow*
  • Tree Sparrow*
  • Nuthatches
  • Redstarts
  • Pied Flycatchers
  • Robins
  • Wrens
  • Spotted Flycatchers
  • Pied Wagtails
* Ideally at least 3 nest boxes should be placed in close proximity of each other to attract sparrows to nest as they are often known to nest as a community.

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nest box

This nest box was more than expected. It had been made of very good quality wood, that will last for years. Good value for money.
Delivery was very quick.