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Ring Pull PRO Easy Clean Seed Feeder

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Certainly one of the pinnacles in garden bird feeders. The Ring Pull range from Jacobi Jayne are renowned for making the task of cleaning bird feeders much less of a chore. With a twist of the base and one pull of the pin within, the whole feeder dismantles, making the cleaning process for this feeder incredibly easy and hassle free. Cleaning your bird feeders on a regular basis is vitally important to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure any rotten food left behind is disposed of. With this feeder, there are no tools needed and so no fiddly little screws to contend with. 

With the PRO range Ring Pull the quality is easy to see and feel. These weighty, all metal component seed feeders are incredibly tough and well made to help resist against squirrel attacks and harsh winter weather. All components are securely assembled together and the lid closes firmly to ensure no rainfall can enter the feeder. The extremely thick UV stabilised tubes prevent any discolouring or cracking under sunlight and are super strong and incapable of any flexing from pressure. So confident are the manufacturers of the quality of this feeder they offer a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

This feeder includes two free ring perches which simply slide on to the stick perches to create the more desirable circular perches which birds (in particular robins and other small ground feeders) find much more comfortable to use. A threaded base beneath the feeder allows for the addition of either a feeder tray or pole mount.

Available in two sizes

  • 2 Feeding ports
  • 4 Feeding ports


Material: Metal Alloy
Colour: Green
Tube Height: 18cm (2 ports)
36cm (4 ports)
Capacity (approximately): 300g (2 ports)
600g (4 ports)
Squirrel Proof: No (Although can not be destroyed by squirrels)
Threaded Bottom: Yes
Disassemble: Yes (Incredibly easily. No tools required) 


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.