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The Squirrel Buster

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Squirrels are often not the only nuisance for many gardens. Larger birds such as pigeons and jackdaws can become a pest when they devour all the food in your feeders before any smaller birds get a chance. This is the very reason The Squirrel Buster has been designed.

Just like the Squirrel Buster Mini this feeder utilising a unique spring mechanism within the feeder that prevents squirrels from feeding. Once a squirrel has climbed onto the feeder the weight of the squirrel forces the outer shroud of the feeder to drop a few centimeters. This then closes off access to the feeding ports at the base of the feeder leaving the squirrel no way to the food inside. 

What differs with this Squirrel Buster is that it includes an adjustable spring mechanism. By simply turning the collar placed at the top of the tube you can adjust the sensitivity of the spring mechanism allowing it to either decrease or increase its sensitivity. This, therefore, gives you the option for the feeder to shut down even when large heavy birds stand on the feeder preventing them from feeding when the sensitivity is increased. Don't fear making The Squirrel Buster too sensitive though, it has been carefully set that even at its maximum sensitivity to still allows plenty of small birds at one time to feed. 

Utilising both metal and RoxResin The Squirrel Buster is 100% chew proof from troublesome squirrels as well as being extremely tough and impact resistant creating a feeder that is built for many years of service. It also comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer for extra peace of mind.

With four ringed perches and a mesh outer cage for clinging birds such as nuthatches, this feeder is suitable for almost all garden birds. As it works and looks just like any other traditional tubular feeder it often quickly encourages birds to use it, unlike the cage variety squirrel proof feeders which are often daunting to birds especially when regular feeders are in the vicinity.

The Squirrel Buster has its own built-in ventilation system. This allows warm air trapped in the tube to rise and escape through the top of the feeder, which then drags cooler air through the base of the feeder creating an ever constant cycle of fresh cooler air circulating through the feeder. This, therefore, helps to keep your seed fresher for longer and prevents the common greenhouse effect that occurs in many other tubular feeders.

It is important that this feeder is hung away from anything nearby. It is recommended to place this feeder 46cm away from anything around it as it needs the full weight of a squirrel for the spring mechanism to work fully. If it is placed within this radius then there is the potential for a clever squirrel to reach over from a nearby foothold and not place it's whole weight onto the feeder allowing it to feed. 

Full information booklet included with the feeder.

Only suitable for seeds and seed mixes.

100% Humane. Causes no harm to squirrels.


Material: Metal shroud and hanger. RoxResin base and top. Plastic inner tube
Colour: Green
Height (not including hanger): 30cm
Height (including hanger): 54.5cm
Diameter: 12cm
Capacity (approximately): 450g
Feeding Ports: 4
Squirrel Proof: Yes
Disassembles: Yes


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Beattie
Works Perfectly!

The feeder is very effective at preventing the squirrels from eating the seed without harming them and it looks great in the garden!

Great service aswell.