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Squirrel Proof Caged Feeders


The cage variety of squirrel proof feeders are a great way of not only stopping squirrels from reaching the feeder, but also stops larger birds such as pigeons, doves, and jackdaws devouring all the food too. Smaller garden birds such as tits and finches simply fly through the cage to get to the feeder inside without any trouble, whilst larger birds and squirrels on the other hand simply can't squeeze through the gaps protecting both your feed and the feeder. 

Heavy duty steel cage and metal lid make this feeder chew proof and extremely robust, protecting it from heavy impacts as well as harsh weather conditions. However determined your squirrels may be, they won't be able to chew through the thick steel bars giving you peace of mind that this feeder will survive. 

This feeder is a simple hanging feeder that can be hung from a branch, hook, or feeding station. To open the feeder's lid, simply unscrew and remove the cap on top of the lid and lift the lid. This design prevents any particularly intelligent squirrels from lifting the lid to get to the feed inside.   

Available in

  • Seed Feeder
  • Peanut Feeder


Material: Metal cage, lid, and hanger. Plastic tube and ports within the cage (seed feeder). Metal mesh within the cage (peanut feeder)
Colour: Black
Height: 33cm
Diameter: 19cm
Capacity (approximately): 400g
Squirrel Proof: Yes
Threaded Bottom: No
Disassemble: No