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Squirrel Proof Caged Fat Ball Feeder


Fat balls are often a firm favourite for jackdaws and crows. With their high energy content they often encourage flocks of these birds to your garden especially during the spring and summer months when there are plenty of young birds around. Although still a garden bird they do eat an awful lot of food and when it comes down to fat balls they don't last long at all which can lead to an excessive amount of money being spent. This is where the caged fat ball feeder really shines. The outer cage of the feeder stops any larger birds such as jackdaws and crows from reaching the fat balls within allowing all fat balls inside to be indulged by smaller garden birds. Giving you a garden full of happy full bellied singing birds whilst saving you money at the same time.  

An all metal cage and components also makes this feeder squirrel proof. Unable to squeeze through the small gaps, the cage prevents any fat balls from being devoured by greedy squirrels and the thick steel bars ensure that the feeder is completely chew proof resulting in no more destroyed fat ball feeders.

Simply hang from a branch, hook or feeding station.


Material: All heavy duty steel covered in powder coating paint
Colour: Green
Height: 30cm
Diameter: 23cm
Capacity (approximately): 4 Fat balls
Squirrel Proof: Yes
Threaded Bottom: No
Disassemble: No