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10% OFF first orders with discount code: FIRST10
10% OFF first orders with discount code: FIRST10

Clallenger Plastic Seed Feeders


These beautiful premium rated plastic seed feeders are a wonderful addition to any garden which takes feeding birds seriously. Solid plastics and UV-stabilised polycarbonate tubes which don't deteriorate in sunlight, ensure that these feeders will last and provide your birds somewhere to feed for many years. They are also provided with a stainless steel hanger to add to their long-lasting characteristics. 

Rather than the standard stick perches that many common feeders have these have a much more useful ring-shaped perches which allow your birds to face the feeder. This gives your birds almost 360° vision allowing them to spot incoming predators a lot more easily, therefore, making them more comfortable feeding from this sort of feeder. The ring perches also make it much simpler for ground feeding birds such as robins to cling on to and so often encourages them to use these feeders, unlike usual stick perch feeders.

A threaded pole mount underneath the feeder allows the addition of a feeder tray or pole to this feeder and screws within the feeder ports allows the feeder to be completely dissembled for thorough cleaning.

Available in two sizes

  • 2 Feeding ports
  • 4 Feeding ports


Material: Plastic with stainless steel hanger
Colour: Green
Tube Height: 20cm (2 ports)
36cm (4 ports)
Capacity (approximately): 270g (2 ports)
550g (4 ports)
Squirrel Proof: No
Threaded Bottom: Yes
Disassemble: Yes


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.