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10% OFF first orders with discount code: FIRST10

Multi-Seed Suet Blocks

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Our Multi-Seed Suet Blocks are completely none-greasy making them clean to handle and ensuring no sticky mess, unlike the similar fat block varieties. And by using suet these blocks are extremely popular and guaranteed to bring your birds flocking in before it's all gone. Suet is a great food for the harsh winter time as it is very high in energy which gives them that extra helping hand during this hard period. 

Suet Blocks can be fed on a bird table or from a dedicated hanging fat block feeder to allow your birds safe feeding away from ground predators. 

Suitable For Feeding: Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Starlings, Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes

Each suet block approximately 300g