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Ground Feeder Guard

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Providing food on ground level is a great way of offering bird food to some of the sweetest singing birds in your garden such as robins and blackbirds. But we realise that in many gardens this is a problem due to larger birds or squirrels devouring all the food before any smaller birds get a chance. This is where the Ground Feeder Guard is the perfect addition.

This cage like structure stops any larger birds such as pigeons, doves, crows, jackdaws and pheasants etc from reaching the food, whilst small birds simply fly through the mesh to enjoy the food within. The powder coated heavy duty steel gauge makes the guard completely chew proof, stopping any troublesome squirrels from destroying the cage. Therefore less expenditure on bird food caused by greedy large birds and more time spent enjoying smaller birds receiving their fair share of the food.

In addition, this guard also allows your feathered friends to feed in safety. Sheltered from the attacks of any predatory birds or cats your birds can be left in comfort to feed for as long as they please. 

Available in two sizes

  • Small mesh - This size stops all large birds and adult squirrels from entering the guard but also stops blackbirds, thrushes and some starlings from gaining entry.
  • Large mesh - This size stops all larger birds from entering but allows blackbirds, thrushes and starling size birds through to feed. This does, however, result in squirrels squeezing through the mesh to feed.

Very quick and simple self assembly using clips to conjoin the sheets of mesh together. No tools required. Also includes 4 ground stakes that pin the guard to the ground stopping any pesky squirrels trying to lift or move the guard to gain entry. A hinged lid on the roof of the guard allows access within for quick refills.


Material: Powder coated steel
Colour: Green
Height: 36cm
Width: 55cm
Depth: 55cm
Weight (approximately): 4kg


Ground feeder not included.