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National Trust Fat Block Feeder

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Fat and suet blocks have always been a favourite for many garden birds, often encouraging great flocks of birds to feed on them. With its simple design, this feeder enables you to hang fat and suet blocks from a hook, tree, or feeding station allowing clinging birds such as tits, sparrows, and woodpeckers to greatly enjoy these energy-boosting treats.

All metal components which have been powder coated produce a feeder that is rust resistant as well as being resilient to both squirrels and the harshest of weather. 

A National Trust Product

CJ Wildlife and the National Trust have collaborated together to create a range of excellent quality wildlife products to give wildlife a helping hand all over the UK. By purchasing this product you are helping to support CJ Wildlife in contributing a minimum of £775,000 during the course of an initial 5-year collaboration. The National Trust is a wonderful organisation which helps wildlife and nature as a whole. We're extremely delighted by CJ Wildlife's commitment to this trust and proud to be part of it by supplying these wonderful products to our customers. 


Material: Powder coated mild steel
Colour: Green
Height: 15cm
Width: 13cm
Capacity: 1 Block
Squirrel Proof: No, but can't be destroyed by squirrels


*Feeder filled with suet block for illustration purposes only. Suet block not included.