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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Classic Peanut Feeder


Our classic plastic feeder range is the ideal starter pack for anyone trying to encourage birds to use feeders for the first time. With its great value for money and simple proven design, it now makes feeding birds possible for everyone however big or small your budget might be. 

Simply lift the lid and pour your peanuts into the feeder, then close the lid and hang on a branch or hook (ideal within close proximity of other trees or bushes) and it's ready to be enjoyed by many hungry birds, it's as simple as that.


Material: Plastic, Zinc plated steel mesh
Colour: Green
Mesh Height: 20cm
Capacity (approximately): 315g
Squirrel Proof: No
Threaded Bottom: No
Disassemble: No


*Feeder filled with peanuts for illustration purposes only. Peanuts not included.