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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £25

Bird Feeder Station

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A high quality, elegant bird feeder station capable of hanging up to 4 feeders, enabling you to offer the ultimate variety for your garden birds all in one place.

The station comes in 3 self assemble poles requiring no tools and is remarkably quick and simple to construct. The first pole is equipped with 4 blades running parallel to the pole. When this pole is struck into the ground, these blades act as an anchor system which makes the pole extremely stable and dramatically reduces the amount the pole sways in high wind conditions. The 3 poles all screw into one another which also helps with the overall sturdiness of the station. 

Includes a tube protection plug that protects the threaded pole when it is hammered into the ground. All metal components, finished in weather protected black coating creates a tough long lasting feeder station. 


Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Maximum Height: 2.3m
Width: 47cm