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Apollo Seed Feeders

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The Apollo seed feeder range has been built with quality at the forefront of its design and it certainly shows. This robustly built feeder has a heavy metal lid, base, and ports to protect it from squirrel damage and increase the overall longevity of the feeder. The quality of the feeder can be felt simply by the weight and sturdiness of all its components. A UV hardened tube stops any discolouring or cracking from sunlight, resulting in a feeder built to last.

The lid of the feeder is removed using the feeder's unique 'Click & Go' release system where two buttons placed either side of the lid are pressed simultaneously to release the lid. This makes for a secure lid preventing any unwanted spillages. The same 'Click & Go' release system is situated at the base of the feeder also. This allows the base to be removed in the exact same way to the lid. The ports of the feeder also remove by clipping them out of the tube, resulting in an extremely fast, no tools required, fully dismantling feeder for an ultra easy-cleaning experience. 

The Apollo feeders also come with their own built-in ventilation system that allows fresh air to circulate through the feeder, stopping any condensation and leaving seeds staying fresher for longer. Oval shaped perches situated at the ports of the feeder allow your garden birds to feed in comfort, facing the feeder. This allows them to have a greater vision of what's around them and helps them spot any potential predators quicker. 

The feeder includes an extra hanging loop (not pictured) attached to the hoop on the lid to make for easier hanging. A threaded base allows for the addition of a feeder pole or feeder tray.

A National Trust Product

CJ Wildlife and the National Trust have collaborated together to create a range of excellent quality wildlife products to give wildlife a helping hand all over the UK. By purchasing this product you are helping to support CJ Wildlife in contributing a minimum of £775,000 during the course of an initial 5-year collaboration. The National Trust is a wonderful organisation which helps wildlife and nature as a whole. We're extremely delighted by CJ Wildlife's commitment to this trust and proud to be part of it by supplying these wonderful products to our customers. 


Material: Powder Coated Metal
Colour: Black
Height: 25cm
Capacity (approximately): 450g
Squirrel Proof: No (Although can not be destroyed by squirrels)
Threaded Bottom: Yes
Disassemble: Yes (incredibly easily, no tools)