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Squirrel Buster Mini

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With over 2 million of the Squirrel Buster range sold already, they are at the top of their field when it comes to stopping squirrels whilst not discouraging birds to feed. This traditional looking seed feeder uses a spring mechanism within the feeder to prevent any squirrels from feeding. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder the weight of it pushes the outer cage of the feeder down, this then closes the ports at the bottom of the feeder allowing no access to the feed within. This spring mechanism has only been calibrated to close when the weight of a squirrel or more clambers on to the feeder (roughly 170g) therefore there is no need to worry about the feeder shutting down for any of your garden birds as they simply don't weigh enough (average sparrow weighing 21g).

A tough fully chew-proof exterior mesh shroud over the inner tube means there is no way a squirrel can destroy the feeder. For peace of mind, this product is backed up by a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.  

With its four standing perches and mesh outer cage for clinging birds such as nuthatches this feeder is a favourite for almost all garden birds. Also, because it looks and works just like any other traditional style bird feeder the birds get used to it very quickly, unlike the daunting cage feeders that often discourage birds from using them, particularly when non-caged feeders are in the vicinity

The Squirrel Buster Mini also comes with its own ventilation system within the feeder. When hot air rises through the feeder it can escape through the top, this draws cooler air through the ports at the bottom creating an ever constant cycle of fresh air, preventing the greenhouse effect that is often created in standard feeders. This, in turn, keeps the seed within the feeder fresher for longer.

It is important that this feeder is hung away from anything nearby. It is recommended to place this feeder 46cm away from anything around it as it needs the full weight of a squirrel for the spring mechanism to work fully. If it is placed within this radius then there is the potential for a clever squirrel to reach over from a nearby foothold and not place their whole weight onto the feeder allowing it to feed.

Full information booklet included with the feeder.

Only suitable for seeds and seed mixes.

100% Humane. Causes no harm to squirrels.


Material: Metal shroud and hanger. Plastic inner tube
Colour: Green
Height (not including hanger): 28cm
Height (including hanger): 51cm
Diameter: 9cm
Capacity (approximately): 350g
Feeding Ports:
Squirrel Proof: Yes
Disassembles: Yes