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National Trust Defender Metal Peanut Feeders


Metal feeders are placed at the top of the list if you're looking for a feeder that will withstand all weathers, endure troublesome squirrels and encourage all types of birds to feed from them. The metal alloy top and base of the feeder are extremely strong and impact-resistant whilst the solid stainless steel mesh is sturdy which creates a peanut feeder that has been built to withstand both the harsh British weather and test of time. 

If your garden is pestered by a troublesome squirrel that enjoys chewing and therefore destroying your plastic feeders then these strong metal feeders are a tool to stop them in their tracks. Although still allowing the squirrels to feed, these metal chew proof feeders do stop them from completely destroying your feeder, therefore, putting a stop to costly replacement feeders. 

A screw thread is positioned underneath the feeder for the addition of feeder trays or feeder poles. The feeder can also be fully dismantled by unscrewing the screws at the base of the feeder for when it's time for that thorough deep clean. 

A National Trust Product

CJ Wildlife and the National Trust have collaborated together to create a range of excellent quality wildlife products to give wildlife a helping hand all over the UK. By purchasing this product you are helping to support CJ Wildlife in contributing a minimum of £775,000 during the course of an initial 5-year collaboration. The National Trust is a wonderful organisation which helps wildlife and nature as a whole. We're extremely delighted by CJ Wildlife's commitment to this trust and proud to be part of it by supplying these wonderful products to our customers. 


Material: Metal alloy lid and base, Stainless steel mesh, and hanger
Colour: Green
Mesh Height: 20cm
Capacity (approximately): 340g
Squirrel Proof: No (Although can not be destroyed by squirrels)
Threaded Bottom: Yes
Disassemble: Yes